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Aiyana Wellness - "Aiyana" the word means Eternal Blossom / Forever.

History of Aiyana Wellness?
Minal was on her way back to India after spending time in America, to assist her Dad with his health.

While on the journey, she met Ms. Savina Ritter at a water cooler near the rear of the aircraft which had just come out of turbulence. A long discussion followed between the two which led to each other talking and discussing life in general. These discussions led to them becoming partners for their future business in Facial Yoga.

Narrated by Savina:- "It was late, I was tired, sleepy. In my head, a voice kept repeating" when the seat belt sign goes off, up you get & go to the galley". I thought No way!!, but the minute the signs went green, I found myself standing in front of Minal! Seeing there were a few drops of water, I insisted we proceed to the rear of the aircraft. And here we began talking about Maha Avatar Babaji...... and more. By the time we reached Paris, I had photographed the photo of "Guruji  Swami Swaprakashanand". Today, he  is looks serenely from my mobile screen. We by some strange spiritual push had commenced on a path (from which neither of us has looked back), which surprises’ both of us at every turn".

Coming back to  Yoga Face Toning (YFT).
Savina suggested that Minal try out her facial exercises to help out her dad in his illness. They did have a positive results and today Minal's dad still works the facial exercises and is a ardent follower of the same.



Minal PotnisMinal Potnis is a certified instructor in Yoga Facial Toning. She received her advanced training and instructor certification in USA, from Ms. Rose Hong, (who is a master in Facial Yoga). She assisted Ms Rose and commenced workshops in India.

After completing the Yoga Facial Toning programmne, Minal has been working on developing a fusion of Bhramavidya, Facial Yoga and Yoga (Ashtanga  Yoga), to address today’s Wellness issues, focusing on enhancing facial beauty. This fusion focuses on activating the endocrine system, rejuvenation and anti-aging of the face, inner organs and meridians, by toning the muscles of the neck, face and scalp. It has shown remarkable results on her participants, by restoring a firm, smooth, glowing facial appearance.

Minal has been trained for 3 years in advanced Bhramavidya (an ancient yoga practice that focuses on Breath and Thought) courses and has been practicing Bhramavidya for the last 9 years. She has been practicing Yoga since childhood with her grandfather.

Minal holds an MBA from the University of Mumbai, India. She has over 18 years of experience in Human Resources Management. She has been extensively involved in the areas of Beauty, Fitness and Health. In the recent past, Minal was the executive editor for the Calmanac "Beauty".

Minal's experience in the field of Human Resources has given her an insight in understanding effects of time, stress and gravity on Health, which in turn motivated her to develop a programme on alternative holistic therapy that could address the physical & mental demands on corporate management.

Visiting Team


Svaina RitterMs Savina Ritter: Since childhood Savina has traveled with her mother a nutricionist, visiting various institutions in the world engaged in nutrition and cell rejuvenation programmnes. This created an interest and broad base ideas about alternative holistic therapies.

She is actively practicing yoga since year 2000 and Taoism even longer. Her focus is holistic therapy using non-invasive gentle touch to influence the human energy system, which facilitates self-healing and health, i.e. non invasive cell regeneration. Savina Yoga Facial Toning Certified Instructor, trained by the pioneer Ms Rose Hong.

Savina was journalist for prominent Slovenian Health magazine and educational editor for Cosmopolitan magazine. She was a speaker at the National Wellness Congress. She worked with wellness/medical companies in Slovenia and Croatia as a specialist-adviser, with focus on medical biophotonic chambers for cellular regeneration. She has just published a book encompassing her experiences in health and spiritual field.


Rose Hong Ms Rose Hong: Rose, a multifaceted individual with postive approach to life, which helped her overcome a life threatening ailment.

It also helped her lay the foundation stone for Yoga Facial Toning. She has perfected her art of YFT through the experience she gained from consulting local physicians, plastic surgeons, Yoga instructors, and Chinese medicine practitioners just to name a few.

Years of practice has resulted in thousands of satisfied clients around the world.

To describe the experience in her own words "The desire to see yourself as the beautiful being you really are is part of the most basic foundation of a healthy mind."

Rose is a certified Hatha Yoga instructor, who has taught over 10 years, in Texas.

Consulting Team


mahesh_kamatMr Mahesh Kamat: Black Belt 5th Dan in Karate (Malaysia).Sports Science completed  majority of his course at the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) connected to which is the Australian College of Sports Education (Canberra).The AIS is where the Olympic team lives and trains. As part of his courses Mr. Kamat had to work with and learn from the Australian Olympic coaches and the athletes some of whom were Olympic gold medalists.

Has been teaching Martial Art, Tai Chi, Qigong, yoga and fitness since 1984 and now for 26 years. He combine's his diverse expertise knowledge when conducting Stress Management Workshops.

Aiyana (The Eternal Blossom): Minal and Savina have joined together to spread the Yoga Face Toning Programmne. Savina's focus is Slovenia and during the holiday season there,comes to India. Minal's focus is India and Asia.