Attempts to rejuvenate have always been made, using ancient traditional methods to modern approaches like Botox and face lifts.

It would surely be appreciated by all ,young and old ,to make our faces look younger and to maintain that youthful look, to feel great from both within and without.

Yoga Facial Toning (YFT) is an innovative non-invasive programme,  which helps you look younger and feel better . This unique approach to strengthen facial muscles was developed in the USA by Ms. Tran after intense research involving physicians, plastic surgeons ,Yoga & Chinese medicine practitioners. Subsequently, YFT was enhanced by Ms Savina from Slovenia , who incorporated complementary aspects of Taoism and Face diagnostics. The programme was further refined by Ms. Minal to include teachings from Bhramavidya and Ayurveda.
Yoga Facial Toning has created ripples in the Wellness and Beauty world by the remarkable results noted by hundreds of participants of the programme. It is well known that regular exercise is a must to firm up and tone muscles which in turn ‘lift’ the skin. The YFT programme teaches its participants the techniques to exercise our facial muscles.

This unique concept evolved by the YFT requires nothing more than your own will & desire to focus & succeed; nothing more than a mere 10minutes to channelize all your energy into the exercises.

Finally, the choice to have a younger, fresher looking face is now in your own hands!

"This is what our participants feel"

"I appreciated the ability to co-relate Medicine & Alternative Medicine, and the overall holistic approach  of the program, with focus  to increasing facial blood circulation by stimulating these muscles."
- Dr Alok Sharma
Head of Neuro Surgery Sion hospital, Mumbai
"5 expensive facials  doesn’t even match up to a session of facial yoga to get the inner glow & mental tranquility!"
- Chandana Vasistha-Aiyar
Director S&M, Planet Hollywood, India